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Campaign With 30 km/h in the city will be held in the neighborhood Talyana on the occasion of the Day of Varna – August 15.

The campaign is being prepared in order to promote road safety models, especially in the central parts of Varna, where there is a higher concentration of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles.

The organizers of the event are the Association Varna – European Youth Capital, the Association Talyana, in partnership with the Municipality of Varna and the State Agency for Road Safety. The initiative is organized under the auspices of the Regional Governor of Varna – Mr. Stoyan Pasev, with the assistance of the OD of the Ministry of Interior – Varna.

The Talyana district was established a few years ago in the central part of Varna with the vision to develop as a region of creative industries. It was the subject of a study of pedestrian passability within the CityWalk project of the Municipality of Varna. As a result, recommendations were made to take measures to reduce the preconditions for traffic accidents and to improve accessibility for pedestrians in the area. One of the proposed pilot measures in the project is to apply a speed limit of 30 km / h throughout the neighborhood.

For the campaign on August 15, the movement of cars on Preslav Street – from Nezavisimost Square to Tsaribrod Street will be stopped from 09.00 to 19.00. In order to have access to the parking lot on Musala Square, The traffic for the day will be two-way in the section from the beginning of Khan Asparuh Street to Odessos Street.

The program includes:

State Agency for Road Safety – an interactive awareness campaign

OD of the Ministry of Interior – Varna – Traffic Police – demonstration interactive game for road safety

BRC – demonstrations of first aid in various road situations

Innovator CoWorking Space – Quiz Battle, dedicated to Varna

SBA – a survey aimed at citizens with questions about traffic safety; prizes are provided for those who correctly answer all the questions

ORCAM – demonstration of glasses for the blind for better orientation and safety in a dynamic urban environment

MobilEye – presentation of artificial intelligence systems to improve vehicle safety

Sports games from the program of the FUNCITY + festival: demonstrations in kickboxing, slackline (walking on a rope), Pilates, table football, table tennis lessons, etc.

Activities for children: fine arts, badminton, outdoor games. In a special corner opposite the Social Tea House, they will have the opportunity to paint on the theme „I move safely in my city.“