Recently in the art gallery of the cultural and entertainment complex Maritime Casino was presented the book The Man Who Sold the Sea by Kolibri publishing house. It is the first for the young author from Stara Zagora Nikolay Tsenkov. A law graduate, he is currently working on a dissertation in the field of social philosophy. His professional experience is in the field of economic diplomacy and project financing.

The book contains 12 stories. In the annotation to it we read: “Most of the plots are based on real events, told through borderline human situations. You have a strange journey through the romantic squares of Catania, the warm streets of Jakarta, the cult places of Dublin. You will look in the windows of Viennese cafes and will be silent in the holy monastery in Preveli. With nostalgia you will return to your favorite old Sozopol… ”.


Nikolay Tsenkov presents his first book in the Sea Casino complex in Varna.

During the presentation, Nikolay Tsenkov shared that his stories develop in different latitudes around the world, including exotic ones, which provoked his curiosity and intrigued him in some way.However he always comes to Varna with great pleasure, not only because he has been connected with our city since his early childhood, as his father was from Varna. What attracts him, besides the sea and childhood memories, is the spirit of the city. That is why the young author called on those present at the performance to keep the spirit of Varna. And since there were people in the audience working for the development of the creative district Talyana, he congratulated them on what has been done so far and expressed the opinion that this is one of the ways to preserve the spirit of the sea capital. „The idea of ​​Varna to have an art district is great!“, shared the young writer.

Автограф от Николай Ценков

„To the people of Talyana – They know that you are either a fish or a fisherman“

In the last few months, several initiatives have been implemented in Talyana in order to preserve the cultural heritage, as well as to build a national community of people working for the development of creative neighborhoods in Bulgaria. Until the end of the year, several more events are planned in Talyana: a week dedicated to the arts and music within the FUNCITY + festival (September 2-8), a plein air on fine arts for students who will paint the architectural heritage of Talyana ( September 10 – 14), campaign on the occasion of the International Car Free Day – September 22.

Младият автор дава автографи след премиерата.

In conclusion, we could note that the presentations of books such as that of Nikolai Tsenkov in the refined and cozy atmosphere of the iconic Maritime Casino also help to keep alive the spirit of Varna. Not only because of the writer’s mastery, but also because of his ability to communicate with the audience – sincerely and fully.

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