Talyana Association is an independent non-profit legal entity for carrying out public benefit activities. It is a voluntary, independent and non-political self-governing organisation of Bulgarian individuals and legal entities.

The main subject of activity of the association is participation in the processes of urban development and urban planning and creation of concepts for development of public spaces. It works especially actively for the preservation of the rich cultural and historical heritage in „Talyana“ – the district of Old Varna, which has the highest concentration of buildings – cultural heritage monuments. Through various initiatives, the Talyana Association seeks to contribute to the development of the art district as increasingly attractive area for citizens and guests of the sea capital. Its activities are not limited to the creative district of Varna.


  • To stimulate the public engagement and the participation of the citizens in the formation and implementation of municipal policies for urban development of Varna;
  • To develop, popularise and implement concepts for urban development of public spaces in Varna;
  • To organise and support the creation of zones for urban culture and art in cooperation with the competent state and municipal authorities;
  • To develop projects and programs that contribute to the preservation, promotion and expression in the best way of the cultural and architectural-historical heritage of Bulgaria;
  • To promote the ascending development of Bulgarian architecture, urban planning and design, as well as to support the education, recognition and realisation of young students and specialists in these fields;
  • To develop international cooperation in the field of arts, architecture and media;
  • To assist the institutions at international, national, regional and local level in carrying out an analysis of the existing infrastructure, urban built and green environment;
  • To study and adapt European social and economic standards and good practices for urban development and quality of life in the settlements in the country;
  • To promote urban art among the public and to work for the prevention of street vandalism;
  • To assist in the revitalisation of abandoned public spaces;
  • To attract business organisations in order to develop and improve urban spaces

The team

Architects, urban planners, lawyers, communication specialists, political scientists, designers, historians and other experts work on various projects and civic initiatives of the association. Stakeholders are also involved, most often voluntarily, who are willing to contribute to achieving its goals. What they all have in common is that they are people with an attitude both to the valuable tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the past, which creates the unique atmosphere in the heart of Old Varna – Talyana district, and to the future of this beautiful region with still undeveloped potential. It is planned to implement activities in other areas that need regeneration, transformation or revitalisation in the city.

Members of the association

Members of the association can be individuals, legal entities, public and non-governmental organisations that share its vision and want to contribute to achieving its goals.